Script Consulting

As Award Winning Filmmakers and Writers we are happy to help you with anything story related. We will dive into your characters and plot points. Ask the most important questions that drive your story, so that it will come alive by itself and surprise you with answers you weren't expecting.

Edit Consulting

We can help with consulting throughout the editing process, where to trim away and what's needed to drive the story forward. We also offer consulting for color grading and sound mixing.

Location Scouting

We can help you find the perfect location for your film! We will work with your budget and find the best fit for it. Being a very international team with film production experiences all over, we can guarantee we will find the right place for you to film at, whether it's in Europe or the USA. Being nomads at heart we will also make the trip for you, to find the right place.

Crew & Equipment

Behind the Camera. Having worked in the NYC film community for years, we have a great network with every crew member you might need for your team and the gear you need to get the best looking film possible.



We custom make all material for your projects and consult with you at great length to get the results you envisioned.

Concept & Branding

We write new concept for your music video, commercial, new brand, start up, short or feature film. We write with you or as stand alone screenwriters. We develop concept ideas, stories and characters with you to best fit your project. We handle all PR, social media and create commercials for your brand or products.

Post Production

Whether it's color grading, sound mixing and packaging for distribution companies and festivals. We got you! We oversee all packaging of the film, the website, social media, rotten tomatoes, metacritics the IMDB and all other elements.

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