Margot and her sister Louise reunite in their deceased father's house on an idyllic Italian Island, only to discover a painful family secret. Separated by the passing of time and different upbringings the two women unexpectedly find their lives linked back together by the forces or remembrance and forgiveness. ‍ Whales is a drama about a family's secluded, twisted world a homage to sisterhood and the impact that secrets can have on our lives.


In Order to work as nannies in the USA, mothers and daughters from the Philippines leave their families so that they can do the type of "women's work" - caring for the young, the elderly, and the infirm - that females in affluent countries no longer want to do or have time to do. By showing Joyce torn between two worlds, not just physically, between New York and Manila, but also emotionally, between Lisa, the girl she takes care of and her own daughter; we wanted to shed light onto this paradox: A tragic example of the fallout of capitalism and global inequality.

Between Seconds

Two lost souls that are cursed with bad timing, manage to bring their lonely lives back in sync. Our film focuses on the effect that timing has on our lives. Adrian, a talented pianist, finds that time is his main enemy. He spends weeks alone in his loft, trying to erase all the memories of his past life with a woman that was taken from him due to bad timing. But no matter how hard he tries he is unable to move on. He’s scheduled to perform at a neighborhood cafe, where he’s expected to perform a song that reminds him of his lost love, a song he promised not to play for anyone else.

To Beauty

A young girl spends her day selling beauty products on the streets of Manhattan. The amount of products that she sells will determine her faith, leading her to make a life changing decision.

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